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Mental health treatment in California offers outpatient mental health treatment for adult men and women who are struggling with a mental health disorder. Mental health disorders can affect every aspect of an individual’s life and, as a result, can have detrimental effects on your relationships, professional endeavors, physical health, and emotional well-being. If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, you may find yourself exhausted, angry, irritated, and sad. Mental health disorders range from mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, to anxiety disorderspersonality disordersPTSDOCD, and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Individuals struggling with a mental health disorder can benefit from entering into treatment at an outpatient mental health facility in California.

AKUA Mind and Body offers outpatient mental health treatment that includes many treatment modalities, including many different psychotherapy approaches, medications, and holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, and equine therapy. Evidence-based treatment for mental health disorders includes either medications or psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, or a combination of both medication and therapy. Medications are only prescribed for specific conditions, whereas psychotherapy, in one form or another, can be used for every mental health disorder. We also provide individual, group, and family therapy for those who are struggling with a mental health disorder.

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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Orange County

Mental health disorders are more common than many people think. However, access to mental health treatment due to barriers such as stigma and cost is often difficult. For example, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in the United States, affecting 40 million adults over 18 years of age or 18.1% of the entire U.S. population each year. Akua is here to improve the numbers with their outpatient facility.

Mental health disorders include mood disorders, specifically depression and bipolar disorderanxiety disorders, trauma disorders including posttraumatic stress disorderpsychotic disorders such as schizophreniaobsessive-compulsive disorder, and personality disorders. Mental health disorders do not discriminate against age, gender, sexual orientation, or social or economic status. However, individuals in the LGBTQ community, non-Caucasian individuals, and individuals living in underprivileged economic communities are more likely to develop a mental health disorder and concurrently less likely to have access to treatment.

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Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety can cause many feelings of stress and despair. They can result in severe impairments in multiple aspects of your life, including your personal life, professional life, and social life. You may find that you isolate yourself from others and no longer have the energy or drive to meet work obligations. You may even experience anger, aggression, self-harm, and the desire to use alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with your internal thoughts and feelings.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in the United States. 16.6 million individuals, or one in 12 adults, are diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder each year. Alcohol negatively affects the individual with the addiction, but alcohol use disorder affects family, friends, co-workers, and many others close to the individual. Many individuals may confuse a “drinking problem” and “alcohol addiction”. Individuals who have an alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction cannot take a step back and quit drinking. They may not be able to quit because they are psychologically dependent or physically dependent on alcohol. When they try to quit, they will exhibit both psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms.

Admitting you have a poor relationship with alcohol and entering into alcohol abuse treatment in California, can save your life, save your relationships and save your future. Like opioids and benzodiazepines, it is essential to enter into alcohol detox centers in California because alcohol withdrawal can be deadly. Under supervision, medications are administered at outpatient alcohol detox in California to alleviate withdrawal side effects in the hope that you can have a successful start to your alcohol recovery journey.

Mental Health Treatment in Sacramento

Mental health treatment in Sacramento offers thorough and effective outpatient mental health treatment that includes medications, psychotherapy, and non-traditional eastern medicine approaches. AKUA Mind and Body Sacramento caters to all adult men and women struggling with a mental health disorder or a co-occurring disorder, a combination of a mental health disorder and substance use disorder.

Depressionanxietytrauma-related disordersobsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental health disorders tend to infiltrate every aspect of your daily life, including personal life, professional life, and social life. If left diagnosed or untreated, mental health disorders could start to eat away at your well-being and cause physical, emotional, and mental turmoil that can potentially affect your future endeavors. In addition, the longer you wait to seek professional treatment, the longer it may take for you to get back on track to living a happy, healthy, and productive life.

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, you may find yourself acting out of character. Others may approach and inquire about your well-being. You may be angry, exhausted, depressed, impatient, and may even take your emotions out on the people you love, such as your children, spouse, and friends. If you are struggling with a mental health disorder, you can benefit from entering into treatment at an outpatient mental health facility in Sacramento.



The first step towards a clean and sober life

Get Clean

For most people, the path to recovery begins with detox. During this treatment process, our clients are carefully supervised 24/7 by a trained medical staff.

Residential Treatment

A supportive living environment

Mind & Body

After detox, the residential treatment program is the second phase of mental health and addiction treatment where our clients are under the 24/7 care and supervision of out skilled clinical team.


Continued structured support

Plan Success

(PHP) is a type of outpatient treatment program that caters to individuals with a substance use disorder, mental health disorder, or co-occurring disorders who require a higher level of care than the standard outpatient care can provide.


Maintaining sobriety

Work the plan

IOP treatment clients will have completed a more intensive treatment program such as residential treatment (RTC) or partial hospitalization (PHP). IOP provides a strong foundation for a successful recovery.

OP Online

Ongoing aftercare

Live life

Virtual Outpatient Programs replicate a similar experience as you’d receive through face-to-face individual and group therapy sessions. OP creates accountability

Mental health

Co-Occurring Disorders and Mental Illness

Care for your mind

Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health disorders that affect an individual’s mood, thinking, and behavior.


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Get Started

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