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December 2022

Mental Health Goals For the New Year

Setting Mental Health Goals For the New Year

As we run into the holiday season, the new year is right around the corner. Welcoming 2023 may seem daunting, however, the New Year can be a fresh start, a way to celebrate your recovery and kickstart your mental health routine. It is important to note that setting goals for the New Year while in recovery is vastly different from adopting New Year’s resolutions, which are often broken, leading many to feel as though they have failed.

Processing Trauma

Processing Trauma

Traumatic events can result in severe emotional and mental unresolved anguish leading to mental health and substance abuse disorders. Many individuals may not be able to function within a healthy relationship or feel as though they are worthy enough to thrive in society.


The Importance of Volunteering in Addiction Recovery

Volunteering in addiction recovery is the opposite of an active drug and alcohol addiction. Volunteer work is a selfless act, whether it is time spent at homeless shelters, raising money for your favorite charity, or spending your free time tutoring underprivileged children.

set a sober routine for the holidays

Set a Sober Routine for the Holidays

I’m Not Drinking This Holiday Season. Why Can’t We Just Say It? It can be pretty unsettling to think about declining alcohol in an environment conducive to alcohol. Alcohol flows freely during the holidays, whether at holiday parties, around the dinner table, or during meal preparation.

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