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Detoxification or medically managed withdrawal is the first stage of residential recovery in both men and women. The procedure aims to remove all the traces of drugs or alcohol from the client’s body and simultaneously manage the withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment

Residential rehab involves a private stay which helps our patients stay away from routine distractions and temptations. With residential treatment strategy, we help our customers with everything starting from admission, clinical detox, therapeutic plans, counseling, and further relapse prevention and aftercare.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is mostly favored for clients in the initial phase of treatment or those evolving from residential treatment to home settings. IOP is suited for clients who no more need full-time surveillance and have some securable help at home.

Alumni Aftercare

Patients are prone to relapse back into their addicted patterns of life within the few months after they are discharged. Therefore, an alumni aftercare, also known as continuing aftercare plan is vital to maintaining the sobriety. This helps the clients to be able to perform well in the routine life with a strong aftercare plan, social engagement and defined interaction with therapists.

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Paying for the addiction treatment can be as challenging as addiction itself. But insurance policies take the responsibility of addiction treatment, as long as the treatment is considered ‘medically necessary’ by a professional. After you fill out this form, our admission specialists will let you know if the insurance would cover the rehab treatment.



Most PPO Policies Accepted

Insurance Verification

Your Insurance May Cover 100% Of Treatment Cost, Call Now To Check Your Benefits.