It’s scary, it’s overwhelming, you might think it won’t work for you. It was me. Anybody that said they were free from their addiction, I never believed that it can be true. I tried to control my usage, just use on the weekends, whatever I could to actually to get away with it. Then I got to a point where I could not hide anymore, everything started to fall apart my job, my apartment, my son was given to his father’s custody. Here at AKUA, Every day we hit the gym from Monday to Friday. Every weekend we had activities like hiking, gaming. Even to this day, four months later I still get text messages and calls from the staff just to check on me and to stay in contact. The support here is amazing.
My experience with the staff has been awesome, I haven’t had any problems with them, it’s been real easy to get along with them and now that I am out, I have most of their numbers and am still in contact with them. They stay in contact with me, checking up on me to see how I am doing; calling me, texting me and stuff like that. It’s nice because none of my old friends from my past life are doing that.
I learned how to be my own man, how to treat people with respect and to go about life the way I should be. My life today is indescribable; it’s beautiful in all aspects. I have my family in my life, I’ve got a great job; I’ve got all these things but that’s not what I am most happy about. It’s having my family invite me home, I get to spend time with my little brother again.
12 years of my life before AKUA were really miserable. I was very lucky to found AKUA. Today I am very blessed and humble to be here with such a caring staff. My experience at AKUA was very fantastic. They have wonderful staff, approach to program and approach to my addiction specifically. I was on one on one with my therapist which helped me through the whole process.
My experience here at AKUA was pretty incredible . They gave me a chance to be sober since I was about 12. The therapy here is ground breaking. I get to know people I never met before. There are lot of great things here HARP therapy, meditate, AA definitely helped change my life. Everything I got from AKUA I apply to my life daily. Give it a try and you can get through it’s definitely life changing.
My life was unmanageable in every aspect. I am a mom, I was unable to perform those daily duties to the best of my abilities. My experience in AKUA mind and body was really incredible. It took couple of weeks for my willingness to come. Thinking that I knew all of the answers which was actually wrong. My inability to find answers to all those questions what brought me to AKUA. The program in AKUA was amazing, I liked all the methodologies that were used. Our therapy was incredible, music therapy, knowledgeable staff. There were lot of different ideas that I never heard before after doing many years of therapy. Harp therapy, music therapy, reiki and meditation aspect of a program, that was really important for me to be grounded. My life today has changed drastically, I am able to handle situations. I am able to make good decisions. It’s just drastic improvement and I can enjoy life now.
I have been to a few different treatment centers in my time and it’s truly a different experience that I had. My favorite part of AKUA would definitely be staff. All the therapists, clinical staff are there to speak with you on any need you want. They are there for you, they care, and they are not treating this as a job. My life before AKUA was constant state of kiosk. They taught me how to trust in people again, I got a lot of things out of my chest. They taught me how it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be going through what I was going through.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with a depressive disorder or substance abuse & addiction disorder, AKUA Mind & Body can help. Our helpline is available 24/7 and our Admissions Counselors will help determine which program is right for you.

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AKUA Mind and Body is a full-service treatment program that offers a wide range of “east meets west” treatment modalities for many different populations struggling with codependence disorder and other mental health and substance use disorders. AKUA Mind & Body treats co-occurring disorders and works diligently with each client and their family to ensure that treatment is specifically tailored to their needs, and not just their disorder.

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