Akua is Community is a Non- Profit organization designed to give back to the community by building awareness, providing support, and lending a helping hand to those in need.

What We Believe

Akua Behavioral Health defines community as a feeling of fellowship and connectedness with one another as a result of sharing common goals and attitudes. We found a need for support in our communities and have launched ‘Akua is Community’ to assist in creating a compassionate village to support one another.

Who We Support

Akua offers support to individuals in the community that are living in recovery, to populations that are marginalized and to the geographical communities that we serve. We work on community projects, provide donations to offer a hand up to those in need, as well as offering fun community events on a monthly basis.

How We Do it

Akua’s volunteer force is made up of our Akua Alumni that are living in recovery from behavioral health issues and proudly serve as a means to give back to the community and participate in healthy productive activities. Our employees, families and community members have also joined forces on projects that speak to causes that move them to action.

How We Help

“AKUA is Community” is an initiative to give back to the communities that we serve in the addiction and mental health treatment world. We are not only dedicated to helping our clients and their families succeed in their addiction recovery journey but we are also dedicated to improving the health and welfare of the communities we serve.


AKUA Mind & Body

AKUA Mind and Body is a full-service addiction and mental health treatment center that offers multiple levels of care with locations across California. Whether you are struggling with a mental health disorder, a substance use disorder or a co-occuring disorder, the treatment team at AKUA Mind and Body takes pride in East meets West individualized care for each client who comes through our door.

We offer detoxification, long-term recovery options, and continuing care and continually assess the client on a daily basis to ensure their needs are met and they are making progress in their recovery journey. AKUA Mind and Body has helped thousands of clients across California enter recovery and secure a new lease on life and as a result, we want to give back to our communities.

AKUA Strong

AKUASTRONG offers outpatient and virtual treatment programs for substance use, mental health, and dual diagnosis. AKUASTRONG incorporates a broad array of treatment modalities, including many different psychotherapy approaches, medications, and holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. We offer individualized programs ranging from Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Virtual Outpatient/Teletherapy, 180 Day Extended Outpatient, and Aftercare/Alumni Programs.

We also offer First Responders Treatment Track, addressing PTSD and work-related stress with a trauma-informed therapeutic approach.

Upcoming Events

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