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Alcohol Detox San Diego

Akua Mind & Body provides individual treatments for adults diagnosed with substance abuse disorders. Alcohol detox in San Diego is a way for us to help you get professional treatment for yourself or a loved one. We assist with substance abuse and mental illnesses with the help of psychiatrists, counselors, dieticians, and approved medicines.

How long does the effect of alcohol last?

Alcohol stays in your bloodstream for up to 6 hours. It stays in your saliva and breath for up to 24 hours and in your hair for 90 days. Alcohol abuse has long-lasting effects on both mind and body. Your liver metabolizes the alcohol and passes it into your bloodstream, which means you will feel the effects of one drink in less than an hour.

Many factors affect the alcohol breakdown in your body. These factors are age, gender, type of alcohol consumed, weight, and metabolism. You can take certain steps like drinking more water, eating food, and avoiding caffeine to help lower the alcohol effects on your body.

Facts about alcohol abuse

- Beer, wine, and liquor have alcohol, which is formally known as ethanol.

- Sugars are fermented with the help of yeast to form alcohol.

- Grapes, apples, potatoes, oranges, barley, and other plants and fruits produce alcohol.

- Alcohol abuse is the fourth topmost cause of preventable death in the United States.

There are almost 3.3 million deaths every year in the world due to alcohol abuse and 88,000 in the United States only. Alcohol is also a risk factor for developing dementia and liver diseases. Another fact is that men are more likely to drink alcohol than women.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol detox in San Diego can help you with your alcohol abuse by using certain treatments that help you heal mentally and physically. Withdrawal is a life-threatening side effect of alcohol abuse, and it has many symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

Mild symptoms include mood swings, depression, anxiety, tremors, and headaches, and these symptoms begin within six to eight hours of not drinking alcohol. The next phase starts after 12 to 48 hours with high blood pressure, sweating, confusion, and fever. When you have stopped drinking for more than three days, then you face severe withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, seizures, and agitation.

Alcohol detox treatment

Alcohol detox is the process of eliminating any drug or alcohol from the system within a controlled environment where we can monitor and treat the withdrawal appropriately. If you are at a high risk of alcohol withdrawal, then you should go under a detoxification program within a residential treatment. The program might last for a couple of weeks.

The detox program at Akua Mind & Body helps you with getting your life back after alcohol abuse. Our alcohol detox in San Diego is a complete treatment to help you heal mentally, physically, and psychologically. Our detoxification treatment is the first step for you towards a healthier life. Once the detox completes, the next step involves treating the emotional and psychological effects of the addiction.

Alcohol Detox San Diego
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