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Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa

Akua Mind & Body is a leading alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa with the best clinical and non-clinical staff and a state of the art treatment facility. We follow an evidence-based treatment approach to help our patients attain long-lasting sobriety.

Addiction treatment process

The treatment process differs from center to center and based on the unique medical needs of each patient. In general, treatment begins with admission and intake formalities, which are then followed by a comprehensive clinical assessment. During this stage, the clinical staff will also gather details of your family history, medical history, and conduct a thorough psychiatric assessment.

After the assessment, the staff will prepare you for a detox procedure. Detox can take anywhere from a week to 10 days, after which you will undergo inpatient or outpatient or intensive outpatient rehab treatment based on your addiction condition. After the completion of treatment, most rehab centers offer continuing care programs once a week or twice a month to help their recovering addicts stay focused on sobriety in the long term.

Therapies used in rehab treatment

At our alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, we use different therapies both in a group as well as in one-on-one settings, to help each individual in treatment garner the most out of treatment. Some of the commonly used therapies:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - It is one of the most effective psychotherapies that we use to address an individual's disturbing thoughts. These thoughts can bombard an individual's mind and cause him to relapse. With the help of this therapy, we treat the co-occurring mental disorders and equip recovering addicts with essential coping mechanisms to rationally overcome such unhealthy thoughts.
  • Biofeedback - We use electronic sensors on the recovering addict to get an accurate reading of his or her “bio” signs. Based on the "bio" signs, we teach several relaxation exercises to the patients to help them regain control over their mind and body.
  • Holistic therapy - With this therapy, we focus on improving an individual’s overall well-being by encouraging them to participate in activities like yoga, music and art therapy, acupuncture, meditation, etc.

Besides, we also use experiential therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc. to patients in recovery. We also involve the families, friends, and loved one of recovering addicts, in some of the counseling and family therapy sessions.

Support groups

Support groups help recovering addicts to stay focused on sobriety in the long term. Support groups provide recovering addicts with a non-judgemental platform to share their stories with others that are struggling with similar issues. 

Support groups act as a great channel of ventilation for those who feel bombarded by triggers and cravings. Furthermore, these groups’ act as the perfect venue to meet new people and build a new social circle with sober friends. 

Speak to one of us at Akua Mind & Body to get started on a journey towards recovery. We are a top-rated alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa, and we offer individualized care and support for each of our patients with a custom treatment plan.

Alcohol Rehab Costa Mesa
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