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Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addiction types that we treat here at AKUA Mind & Body. It comes as no surprise that alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the world, as alcohol is legal almost everywhere. Alcohol is easily obtained, and it is glamorized in Hollywood as well as in the media. The reality of the situation is that, even though alcohol is legal, it is one of the most potent and toxic substances known to man, and the case could be made that should be illegal, considering that we ban less dangerous substances.

The Need for Alcohol Treatment Centers in San Diego

Because alcohol is socially accepted and not frowned upon like street drugs are, many people find comfort in a bottle. Further, many people fail to realize that alcohol is a drug. The problem isn't that alcohol is just addictive, although that certainly is a problem for a lot of people. After all, just about any substance can become addictive if it is abused. For example, marijuana is addictive, cocaine is addictive, and there are other substances that can lead to dependency as well. The difference between these substances compared to alcohol is that these other substances are only psychologically addictive, which can be hard enough for a person to overcome!

Alcohol, on the other hand, is both psychologically and physically addictive. That's why people who become addicted to alcohol can't go very long without it. Their minds and their bodies become dependent on alcohol for survival, so when they don't have it, they feel like a fish out of water.

We Have One of the Best Alcohol Treatment Centers in San Diego

At AKUA Mind & Body, we provide integrative treatment for alcohol dependency, which simply means that we use a number of traditional and modern treatment techniques to treat the whole person rather than a single problem. Alcoholism almost always stems from another problem. Childhood abuse, parental neglect, divorces, and other hardships often lead people to drink. What starts as a drink or two to take the edge off or to help take the mind off of the troubles quickly becomes a few drinks. Then, it becomes more than a few drinks. Pretty soon, the person needs the alcohol to make it through the day or the night or both!

We Provide Mental Health and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Statistics show that roughly 60% of all people who become addicted to alcohol have some sort of underlying psychological disorder. This can include PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety disorder, and other conditions. AKUA Mind & Body has the capability to assess, diagnose, and treat these co-occurring or underlying mental health disorders as they arise because AKUA Mind & Body is licensed to treat mental health issues. We have the staff and the resources to do so.

Contact AKUA Mind & Body

Rather than suffer alone, contact AKUA Mind & Body. Our highly trained and licensed professionals have developed the leading alcohol treatment center in San Diego. Here, we have a program that is dedicated to treating alcohol dependency. It usually starts with alcohol detox and is followed by residential inpatient treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego
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