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Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa

Akua Mind & Body offers treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. We are a fully licensed treatment center where we treat you for your addiction using a range of medicinal and psychotherapeutic treatments. The alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa is one of our most exceptional programs to help you overcome your addiction.

What happens when you stop drinking suddenly?

Some symptoms range from mild to severe when you stop drinking. The alcohol is very addictive because the body builds up a tolerance and starts depending on it. When you go without alcohol for a short period, your body will start showing signs of alcohol withdrawal.

Mild symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are mood swings, depression, anxiety, and minor physical pains. If you continue not drinking, then you will experience high blood pressure, fever, confusion, seizures, hallucinations, and agitation. You need professional help to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal treatment

You need medical intervention if you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal. You can’t fight alcohol addiction on your own; you need the support of your community and professional counselors and therapists that we have. We use benzodiazepines to reduce severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in you because it helps alleviate the physical effects of withdrawal.

We then slowly wean you off the benzodiazepine once you are no longer showing the signs of alcohol withdrawal. The alcohol addiction has long-lasting effects on the body, and you might still experience cravings if you don't receive proper treatment. Our alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa will help you fight your addiction and recover your mental health along the way.

Effectiveness of alcohol treatment

By using a variety of medications along with multiple therapy sessions, it’s possible to fight off alcohol addiction. We have a fantastic residential rehab and partial hospitalization program that will help you with your physical and mental health.

Combining this with our intensive outpatient care program, you will become a functioning and productive member of the society in no time. We address not only the symptoms and triggers, but the cause of the problem, as well, even it’s merely psychological. You should undergo long-term alcohol treatment to manage your triggers and control your cravings.

Advantages of an alcohol treatment center

If you are at an alcohol treatment center, then you have a safe and secure environment that is judgment-free and will help you recover from your addiction at your own pace. You will have a daily routine where you go to therapy sessions and activities that will help you improve your peace of mind. You have people around you who can provide professional care and medical assistance.

The alcohol treatment in Costa Mesa is our program to help you overcome your addiction and improve your mental health along the way. At Akua Mind & Body, we value your treatment more than anything; that’s why we offer personalized treatments for you based on the severity of your addiction. We are here to help you, so contact us and learn more about your alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa
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