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Drug Detox Costa Mesa

At Akua Mind & Body, we provide the ideal treatment for substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. Our drug detox in Costa Mesa is a helpful program for addicts to overcome their abuse problem with the help of experienced counselors, physicians, therapists, and dieticians. Our goal is to help you become stronger physically and mentally so you can fight your addiction.

What happens in a drug detox program?

This is the early stage of recovery, where we use medications for your withdrawal symptoms. We also keep an eye out for any life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like seizures. Different addictions might have different withdrawal symptoms.

The detox program lasts for about three to six days, but depending on the severity of your addiction, it might last longer. There is no set time for the detox program because it depends on you and your addiction level.

The medical drug detox program

We use a therapeutic detox process to deal with your severe physical symptoms. In this program, we use small long-acting doses of the similar drugs that you use to help you stop your drug abuse. The medical drug detox treatment depends on many factors, including the drug that you use, the number of drugs you take daily, and the total duration of the drug usage.

We use prescribed medication to minimize the side effects of withdrawal. This process is very methodical in a way that it helps you wean off your drugs without causing much damage to your body and mind. You should try our drug detox in Costa Mesa because it will help you get rid of your drug addiction and overcome your mental health issues along the way.

Advantages of a drug detox program

The most crucial benefit of the drug detox program is cleansing the body off of harmful chemicals that have been destroying the body for so long. You will get your life back together and become a productive member of society. Drug dependency causes you to lose focus in life and become mentally and physically sick.

You should participate in a drug detox program so you can become a healthier and happier person. You can learn to cleanse your soul and body of drugs. Our detox program is just the first step for you towards a better, more productive life.

Life after drug detox

Drug detox is not the whole drug treatment; it is just the beginning of the long and harsh process of drug addiction treatment. Your life will become tough, and it will be tough to continue with the treatment, but our professional staff and doctors are here to help.

Akua Mind & Body is the rehabilitation center for your drug addiction and mental health problems, where detoxification is just one step of the whole rehab process. You can start your drug treatment journey with our drug detox in Costa Mesa so that you can get your life back as soon as possible.

Drug Detox Costa Mesa
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