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Drug Detox San Diego

A drug detox center is often the first step down the long road of recovery from substance abuse. When a person becomes physically and psychologically addicted to a drug, their body will start to depend on that substance for survival. This is true of alcohol (alcohol is a drug), heroin, opiates, and other drugs. The best way to explain the feeling of withdrawal to someone who has not experienced it is to imagine how your body would start to feel without oxygen. Shy of losing your breath, this is a pretty accurate description of what people experiencing withdrawal go through.

AKUA Mind & Body is a center for drug detox in San Diego that can make the process of withdrawal much more comfortable and safe for individuals quitting drugs. Since detox symptoms can range from cold sweats and tremors to vomiting and seizures, individuals who attempt to stop using physically addictive drugs must do so under the control of medically supervised personnel. AKUA Mind & Body is the ideal drug detox in San Diego because our patients can transition directly from detox to our residential inpatient treatment program in one facility.

What Detox is Like

When a person has been in an active state of addiction and substance abuse for a long time, their lifestyle often wreaks havoc on their mind and body. As our name suggests, AKUA Mind & Body treats both the mind and body. We also treat the spirit and the soul - we treat the whole person here. When a new patient enters into our drug detox facility, they will be given all of the attention that they need, and we can even prescribe medication to help them deal with the pain and discomfort of drug withdrawal. Further, each detox patient will be given plenty of time to rest and recover — the average detox period range from 24 hours to six days.

Because AKUA Mind & Body provides both detox and residential inpatient treatment, we can start working with the patient almost right away. We'll get to know the patient and gauge where they are at. We'll do our best to meet them on their terms. This allows us to formulate a better treatment plan that is customized to their specific needs and personalities.

Our Detox Treatment Model

At AKUA Mind & Body, we believe that 12-step and traditional drug rehabilitation models have their place in recovery. We also believe that modern science-based treatment has its place in drug addiction recovery. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and meditation. AKUA Mind & Body also offers trauma-informed therapy, EMDR therapy, Yoga, meditation, and dual diagnosis therapy.

Drug Detox in San Diego that Accepts Private Insurance

AKUA Mind & Body accepts insurance. We work with most insurance providers, including AmeriHealth, Optum, Cigna, Human, UnitedHealthcare, Allcare Health, UPMC Health Plan, Highmark, Oscar, and PHCS. We also accept MetLife, Anthem Blue Cross, Multi Plan, Beacon, Magellen, Health Net, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HMC Health Works, Western Health Advantage and Tricare.

Drug Detox San Diego
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