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Drug Treatment Center Sacramento

Substance abuse is a problem that manifests across all races, genders, and age groups in America. According to government statistics, only a handful of those suffering from substance addiction seek treatment.

At Akua Mind and Body drug treatment center in Sacramento, we offer programs geared towards helping persons with substance use disorder. We understand that each addiction case is different, and approach each patient with an individualized treatment plan to help them recover from alcohol or drug abuse and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol occurs when the brain’s natural mechanisms are disabled as a result of long-term substance abuse. Most people use drugs and alcohol to get a euphoric feeling. This state is brought about by dopamine, a chemical that the brain produces in response to pleasure. Alcohol and drugs such as marijuana and heroin trigger the release of high amounts of dopamine, which gives the user a high.

With continued use, the brain’s ability to produce this neurotransmitter in times of happy and satisfying moments becomes compromised. As a result, the brain can only release the chemical when triggered by the drug. This dependence causes one to keep using alcohol or drugs to achieve feelings of happiness and avoid low emotions. Basically, their brain loses control over emotions. Substance abuse also affects other areas of the brain associated with decision making.

What Makes Addiction Become Worse?

People metabolize drugs differently. For instance, some people don’t need much alcohol to be intoxicated. Others, on the other hand, have to drink a considerable about to become intoxicated. This is often as a result of a combination of gender, body weight, age, among other factors.

When alcohol or drugs are consumed regularly in large amounts, the body can become used to its effects and metabolize the substance more efficiently. As a result, the person may need to increase the amount of the substance to attain the same effect that smaller amounts of drugs or alcohol used to create. This is referred to as tolerance.

When the urge to take alcohol or drugs to avoid withdrawal symptoms alongside tolerance increases, it mostly indicates the beginning of an addictive disorder. If an individual doesn’t get treatment, it might lead to severe consequences.

How to Avoid Drug Addiction

Recovering from drug addiction can be quite difficult, so it’s advisable to avoid substance abuse in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Saying No to Peer Pressure – Many people begin using alcohol or drugs because of peer pressure from their friends. If you find those close to you constantly pressuring you to use drugs or alcohol, it’s best to find new company.
  • Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms – Most substance abuse problems develop as a coping mechanism against issues such as stress, emotional abuse, and mental health illness. It’s healthier and more fulfilling to seek professional help through counseling and therapy to overcome any emotional challenges.
  • Engage in Positive Activities – It’s easy to develop a drug habit when idle. To prevent that, find a hobby or take part in activities such as volunteering during your free time.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

While addiction can adversely affect the quality of life, most patients have a hard time seeking treatment that can assist them in getting their lives back on track. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, reach Akua Mind and Body on 833-258-2669 today to get the help you need. You can access a variety of treatment options at our drug treatment center in Sacramento for addictions involving alcohol, meth, heroin, among other drugs.

Drug Treatment Center Sacramento
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