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Drug Treatment Costa Mesa

Deciding to enter drug rehab is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Ending your abuse of drugs will save your life. Let Akua Mind & Body be a part of your healing process. Contact us to learn more about our drug treatment in Costa Mesa.

Preparing for rehab

During your stay in rehab, you will have limited contact with persons outside of the facility, so you won’t be able to run your household. You must handle any issues before you enter the rehab facility. This generally happens for many reasons, one being that in rehab, your only focus is your recovery. Before you check into your facility, make preparations for the following items.

  • Work and family obligations - speak with your employer about taking time off. The Family Medical Leave Act covers 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Also, handle any arrangements for children, older family members, and your pets.
  • Make any necessary financial arrangements - with your limited access and communication outside the facility, you will not be able to keep paying bills. Either designate a power of attorney or set up auto payments for the duration of your stay.
  • Spend time with your loved ones before you go - depending upon your level of addiction, you could live in the rehab center for as long as six months. Savor your time with your loved ones before you check-in.

Make sure you take care of these significant points before you check in as you will be unable to do so once you are there.

What to bring with you to the treatment center

Your stay at the treatment center is about your healing and recovery. You do not need to bring a large wardrobe with countless outfits. Pack a few different outfits, and be prepared to wash your clothes. The primary things you will need are undergarments, casual outfits, and workout clothing. Leave high ticket clothing and jewelry items at home.

There is no need to bring your electronic devices. Those devices distract from your recovery and can’t enter most treatment centers. Our drug treatment in Costa Mesa will provide you with computer access as needed for activities.

How can I pay for rehab?

Treatment at a rehab facility can cost a considerable sum. Check with your insurance company to see how much they will cover. It is a federal law that insurance must cover some portion of substance abuse treatment.

If the amount you owe is still too much after insurance coverage, contact your treatment facility for options. Some have financing options or other grants than can cover the remaining cost of your care.

Rejoining society after rehab

During your time in treatment, your therapy session will teach you how to re-enter society and utilize coping skills when you encounter challenges. If you find yourself struggling with your sobriety and not quite ready for day-to-day life, speak to your treatment center about other forms of continued treatment such as partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient.

Let Akua Mind & Body be a part of your recovery. Contact us to learn more about our drug treatment in Costa Mesa.

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