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Drug Treatment Sacramento

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an illness that can be overcome with the right treatment. Long-term substance abuse causes several mental and physical changes that may take time to heal. At Akua Mind and Body, we provide drug treatment in Sacramento. Our multi-disciplinary staff offers our patients various treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, such as medication, detox, and therapy, to increase their chances of a successful recovery. The professionals on our team include qualified and highly experienced physicians, dieticians, and therapists.

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Drug Addiction

One of the main reasons why addiction continues to grow in society is the perception that many people have about it. Some of the misconceptions that you should be aware of are:

  • Addiction is a Choice – Family, friends, and people with a person who’s addicted may think that the individual chooses to abuse drugs or alcohol constantly. On the contrary, people with an addiction have no control over their drug habit because of the changes that occur in their brains. Some may even want to quit abusing drugs or alcohol but find it impossible without professional help.
  • One Can Stop Using at Will – Many individuals who’re addicted believe that they can stop using alcohol or drugs whenever they wish. That is, however, a misleading thought. To be able to stop substance abuse, one has to go through detoxification, fight withdrawal symptoms, and begin a recovery journey towards sobriety, all with the help of experts.

How Can You Assist Your Loved One to Seek Addiction Treatment?

Convincing your loved one to go for addiction treatment can be challenging because they may not respond well to the suggestion. Here are ways in which you can encourage them to seek the treatment that they need:

  • Avoid Being Judgmental – When addressing their drug habit, avoid being critical or judgmental over their actions. That will only infuriate them and even lead to an argument. Instead, express your concern for their wellbeing and listen attentively without trying to impose anything on them. That way, they’ll feel encouraged to get treatment.
  • Find Support – Living with a person with drug dependence can be emotionally draining, which may drive you to react to their habits in a way that only encourages their addiction. Join support groups of those living with people with substance use disorder to learn how best to cope with the situation. In such support groups, you can get insight on how to help your loved one as well as not get overwhelmed in the process.
  • Seek Professional Intervention – If you’re unable to convince someone close to you to get help, find a professional to talk to them. In cases where there has been a disagreement between you two, your loved one may be more willing to listen to a third party who’s not biased.

How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

Generally, addiction treatment lasts for 30, 60, or 90 days. Other programs such as sober living extend beyond three months. This is, however, not a fixed period, as every case is different, and each individual may take varying lengths of time to recover fully.

When seeking treatment, it’s best to be open to whichever length of time is necessary to ensure you overcome your addiction. Otherwise, taking a shorter time than what is recommended by a drug treatment center might increase your risk of relapsing.

Get Reliable Addiction Treatment

Drug treatment in Sacramento at our facility includes programs such as detox, intensive outpatient, and residential treatment. Call us today on 833-258-2669 to get help for you or your loved one.

Drug Treatment Sacramento
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