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Drug Treatment San Diego

AKUA Mind & Body is a center for alcohol and drug treatment in San Diego that uses integrative treatment techniques to customize treatment plans according to the exact needs of each patient. No two people are the same, and no two addictions are the same. Likewise, different substances are abused differently and lead to different health, mental, and social problems. Therefore, AKUA Mind & Body feels that drug treatment plans should be customized according to all of the above factors. But this isn't all that goes into formulating treatment plans for our clients.

Because we use integrative treatment methods at AKUA Mind & Body, we also focus on the mental health of our patients. This isn't to say that every patient who walks through our doors has some kind of mental health disorder because this isn't always the case. However, according to national statistics, more than half of all people who enter drug rehab treatment centers have a co-occurring mental disorder. This means that most people have an addiction to treat, along with a psychological or mental health disorder that requires treatment.

For this reason, AKUA Mind & Body is devoted to treating drug addictions along with mental health conditions. Often, but not always, people with drug addictions have suffered abuse in their childhoods. Military and first responders frequently have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the traumatic experiences that they are exposed to. The reasons for the development of mental health disorders are vast, but treating the addiction without treating the mental health disorder is a recipe for failure and relapse every time.

The challenge that drug rehabs face is in identifying whether or not the addiction has spurred the development of the mental health condition or if the mental health condition has spurred the development of the addiction. This, too, will factor into how we formulate the treatment plan of the patient. Again, not everyone who requires drug treatment in San Diego will have an underlying mental health condition - their problem with drugs might be limited to just a problem with drugs. Still, addictive personalities and mental health conditions go hand-in-hand. That is why it is crucial that drug treatment providers be qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat both drug addictions and mental health disorders, as is AKUA Mind & Body.

Because the best drug treatment in San Diego should provide customized patient care, AKUA Mind & Body has created a broad spectrum of treatment options. Because each individual, each addiction, and each substance needs to be treated individually, AKUA Mind & Body has created treatment programs that are specifically designed to treat specific substance abuse disorders. For example, we have developed the following drug treatment programs:

  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Benzodiazepine Treatment
  • Heroin Treatment
  • Meth Treatment
  • Opiates Treatment
  • Oxycontin Treatment
  • Suboxone Treatment
  • Vicodin Treatment
  • Xanex Treatment
  • Cocaine Treatment
  • Methadone Treatment

If you want this time to be your last time going to rehab, then end the revolving door cycle of drug treatment in San Diego. Get the most comprehensive care in the city at AKUA Mind & Body.

Drug Treatment San Diego
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