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heroin detox Costa Mesa

Akua Mind & Body has a place for you with its individualized treatments and a team of experts so you can fight your addiction and mental health problems. We provide care and medication for substance abuse and mental illnesses. One of our most effective rehab programs is the heroin detox in Costa Mesa, where we will fight your addiction with you.

What are the symptoms of heroin addiction?

The symptoms and signs of heroin addiction change, depending on the method you are using to administer the drugs. Malnutrition, lethargy, exhaustion, weight loss, watery eyes, and runny nose are just the tip of the iceberg. You can develop long-lasting symptoms, including changes in the brain's chemistry if you keep using heroin regularly.

Along with the damage to the kidney and liver, the behavioral changes are also very prominent. Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and extremely low self-esteem can harm you more than the physical effects of heroin addiction.

Heroin detox and withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal is not deadly like alcohol withdrawal, but it can be agonizing. You can relapse many times during the detoxification process and, thus, require supervision from professionals like us. The withdrawal symptoms last around five to ten days and our medical detoxification occur after that.

The medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps you fight your addiction after the withdrawal, and it will last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of your addiction. We use medication and therapy for MAT to help your mind and body recover from addiction.

Benefits of heroin detox treatment

Our heroin detox in Costa Mesa is the best detox treatment for you. If you have never been to rehab before, then inpatient detox is better than outpatient detox because it has more benefits. You will be under care for 24 hours a day with our experienced staff. You will be in a safe place so you can feel accepted and recover without being self-conscious.

We will protect you from stressful situations that might trigger a relapse, and you will get the best medical treatment for your addiction and mental health disorder. You will be better off with our heroin detox program if you’ve overdosed before or relapsed after an outpatient detox.

The best heroin detox treatment

For heroin detox, we use medications like opioid receptor blockers, opioid receptor activators, and opioid agonists to help with the detoxification of your heroin addiction. We use opioids like Suboxone and Methadone, which help reduce the cravings for more drugs and also helps with withdrawal symptoms. Our best medical supervisors work with you and monitor you for safety and comfort.

We offer you confidentiality, safety, and peace of mind at Akua Mind & Body. You can help yourself with our heroin detox in Costa Mesa to become a better and more functioning member of society. We make our treatment programs different for every individual depending on your level of addiction so you can receive the best medical and therapeutic care for your addiction and associated mental illnesses.

heroin detox Costa Mesa
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