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Mental Health Treatment Center Costa Mesa

There is no shame in asking help for mental health issues. Depending upon the issue and the severity, a stay at a treatment facility can be the best course of action. Contact Akua Mind & Body to learn more about our mental health treatment center in Costa Mesa.

Options for mental health treatment

Not everyone is aware of the multiple options available for mental health treatment. What style of treatment a person undertakes depends on numerous factors, including the use of medication and the severity of their symptoms. These are a few examples of options for mental health treatment.

  • Psychiatric hospitalization
  • Inpatient/residential treatment
  • Outpatient mental health treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication regimens
  • Support groups
  • Alternative techniques (i.e., acupuncture)

There is not just one style of treatment, and many treatment styles work together. Speak with your doctor to determine which path is the best for you.

Can you recover from mental illness?

A person can live a full and productive life with a mental illness. Therapies and medication regimens allow those with these disorders the ability to function at a high level. But no one with a mental illness ever full recovers as there is no cure for any of these disorders.

Like any other chronic condition, mental illness is treatable and manageable. The strides made in treating mental illness over the last several years are significant. With high profile celebrities speaking up about their own struggles, the stigma around mental illness is not as negative as it previously was. The shame around therapy and medications is dwindling.

Types of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is one of the main techniques used to treat mental illness. One of the most popular styles of therapy is Cognitive-behavioral therapy. In this form of treatment, participants first learn to identify negative thought patterns and emotions their disorder causes them to feel. Once a person recognizes these negative patterns, the therapy helps them learn how to deal with them. CBT is among the most popular and effective forms of therapy. It is highly successful in treating mental illnesses, specifically anxiety and depression.

Other therapeutic techniques commonly used to treat mental illness include dialectical behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. These styles use CBT as a foundation to build upon. There are other forms of therapy utilized by professionals, but these are the most popular techniques. Our mental health treatment center in Costa Mesa uses these and other forms of therapy to treat our patients.

The success rate for mental health treatment

The success rate for mental health treatment is incredibly good! When a patient uses techniques learned in therapy and uses their medication properly, success rates can climb as high as 80%. The bipolar disorder shows the highest success rate with treatment (80%), schizophrenia is the lowest with 60%. Anxiety ranks as the most treatable disorder. However, only 25% of people with anxiety disorder seek treatment.

Don’t wait any longer to seek the treatment you deserve. Contact Akua Mind & Body today to learn more about your options for treatment. Our top-notch mental health treatment center in Costa Mesa is standing ready to help.

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