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Newport Beach Drug Rehab

Akua Mind & Body is an excellent and professional Newport Beach drug rehab providing high-caliber and effective addiction treatment services that are rare to find anywhere else. It may seem difficult to overcome drug addiction, but with our care and support, you can be sure of getting your life back.

What should you count on from a drug rehab?

If you're considering to seek help from drug rehab for yourself or someone you love, you may want to know what to expect on your first day and throughout your stay. Most people have no clue about what goes on inside drug rehabilitation facilities, but we're here to let you know the things you should expect in a rehab.

In most cases, rehab programs typically last between 30 to 45 days, while others may offer 60- or 90-day stays for residential treatment centers. The patient's individual needs are the key factors that determine the program length. After deciding the best-fit program to treat your condition, then you can expect the following:

  • Admission
  • Pay bills
  • Assessment
  • Orientation
  • Medical detox
  • Stay a drug-free life
  • Meet new friends
  • Addiction treatment
  • Expect to change

Reasons for joining a drug rehab

While drug addiction may cause destructive effects on abusers and those around them, professional rehab can make all the difference by bringing a positive change. Drug addiction centers operate with the sole purpose of helping drug addicts to salvage their lives. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, it’s critical and advisable to join a reliable drug treatment center to have assistance in getting over the painful situation and live a sober life.

As you consider choosing the best Newport Beach drug rehab, it's high time to know the reasons for joining a rehab. Here are good reasons why you should go to an addiction treatment center now, not later:

  • Support
  • Focus on your recovery
  • Delay will cause more damage
  • Your family needs you
  • You’ll save money

Remarkable drug rehab for you or your loved one

Most people think overcoming drug addiction is a dream that can never come true, but we believe with a professional treatment approach, recovery from addiction is an achievable dream. For this reason, we offer an alliance of Western evidence-based treatment with medication assistance and Eastern holistic traditions for a broad spectrum, conclusive treatment approach.

We've got the right accreditations and licensing to serve as a real addiction and mental health center. Our professional and experienced treatment team strive to ensure all our clients receive the appropriate and in-depth care necessary for their recovery.

Let’s help you to overcome drug addiction

Joining an addiction treatment center is a life-changing decision. Join the best and reliable Newport Beach drug rehab today and expect a significant change in your life.

If you or someone close to you want to overcome drug addiction, you can count on Akua Mind & Body to get the help you need to quit the vicious cycle of drug abuse. Visit us today, and we'll be happy to help you.  

Newport Beach Drug Rehab
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