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Opiate addiction is among the hardest habits to break. Let our team of professionals help you be successful. Contact Akua Mind & Body today to learn more about our opiate detox in Newport Beach. Our program can help put you on a permanent path to sobriety.

Opiate versus opioids

There are slight differences in the definition of these terms. While both are drugs derived from opium, they are not quite the same.

  • An opiate refers to natural substances extracted from a blooming opium plant. Substances like codeine, heroin, and morphine are opiates.
  • An opioid refers to the whole class of drugs that derive from the opium plant, including any that are synthetic or man-made. Vicodin, methadone, and fentanyl are examples of opioids.

All opiates are opioids. However, not all opioids are opiates. Regardless, both are highly addictive substances.

What caused the current opioid crisis?

The most significant factor cited for the current crisis is medical professionals overprescribing opioids. Drugs like Vicodin and Oxycodone were common prescriptions written for patients with pain. In many cases, patients did not need a pain killer this strong. Due to the highly addictive nature of these drugs, many found themselves dependent in a short amount of time.

The rise in popularity of heroin also fuels the opioid crisis. Some addicts who first used pills turned to heroin when they lost access to prescription opioids. Heroin gave them the same high since it is in the same drug class. For those who did not start with prescription opioids, heroin provided users with an exceptional high for a low price. It is also easy to find heroin on the street.

Treatment for opiates

Opiates are one of the most addictive substances on the planet. This addiction is notoriously difficult to conquer. However, it can happen when the right approach is applied. The first step in that approach is detox. Before an addict can begin treatment, sobriety is a must. The detox process from opiates is grueling. Sometimes clinicians must utilize medications to help the addict detox without causing medical distress.

Therapy is crucial for the treatment of any addiction. To have any chance at sobriety, you must understand their triggers and any issues fueling your addiction. In conjunction with utilizing therapeutic techniques, some will need maintenance medication (i.e., methadone) for the rest of their lives. Without the use of the maintenance medication, they return to abusing opiates. Our opiate detox in Newport Beach can provide our users with therapy and medication assistance.

Success for opiate treatment

Opiates are difficult to maintain sobriety from. But it can happen with the right mix of therapy and medication assistance. A person needs therapy to understand why they use opiates. Medications help curb any cravings and keep the person away from opiates. No one should feel ashamed if they require medication to remain sober.

Let the professionals at Akua Mind & Body help you on your path to sobriety. We offer opiate detox in Newport Beach.

opiate detox Newport Beach
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