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The only factor that can shorten the outpatient treatment program is a strong will for change. Outpatient programs do not include the intensive supervision of an inpatient facility. Instead, the patients have the freedom to map out their day outside of the rehab. Luckily, you only have to attend the station a couple of times a week for at least one hour per session.

What is the average duration of an outpatient program?

The exact length at an outpatient rehab in Sacramento depends on each patient’s severity of the addiction and the chosen systems of treatment. An average outpatient program lasts an average of ten weeks and includes various types of treatment programs. AKUA can offer you specialized outpatient treatment for a comfortable and accelerated stay.

Types of outpatients programs

Partial inpatient program

This system requires that the patient attend a daily treatment session that lasts several hours a day in the inpatient rehab facility. The patient does not have to reside in the facility and will spend several weeks or months to complete the treatment.

Intensive outpatient program

A typical intensive outpatient program can treat mild to moderate addictions. The patient partakes this module when they prefer to maintain several months of treatment in conjunction with their healthy life.

Aftercare outpatient program

The person proceeds to this module after completing the first two outpatient treatments. The treatment lasts several months and can go beyond one year for patients with severe addictions.

The timeline of an outpatient treatment program

The majority of outpatient programs have similar methods and services. A typical outpatient program includes the following procedures:

Screening and assessment

A conventional screening lasts approximately one hour. It may last longer if the patient cannot answer standard interview questions and tests because of active withdrawal.

Psychological treatment

The majority of mental treatments require several hours a week. The stage can last several weeks or months if the patient has a very foggy thought pattern. The rehab center may send you to a specialist doctor or program who can diagnose your case with accuracy to implement the best treatment.


Recovering addicts spend several weeks in an aftercare program to cope with daily stressors. Typically, a top rehab an outpatient rehab in Sacramento will offer months and years of aftercare to patients who complete the first treatment modules.

Programs that affect the length of treatment

Each patient’s therapy includes various programs. Some programs will revolve around a person’s familial setup, while others will focus on another person’s professional environment. Each package will determine how the patient resolves their mental and emotional complications to revive normalcy in their life.

Outpatient treatment programs

Counseling, educational programs and behavioral therapy – The length will vary to accommodate the individual schedules of all family members

  • Pharmacological management – The pharmacist will observe the patient’s response to the medicine used to curb cravings, prevent relapse and regulate emotions
  • Complementary treatment – The patient’s body may not be strong enough to begin yoga, acupuncture, and other traditional healing programs. Consequentially, the rehab staff may schedule a later time for those who wish to undertake all the available additional treatments.



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