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Congratulations on your decision to stop abusing drugs. Now it’s time to choose a facility that will help ensure your sobriety is permanent. Let Akua Mind & Body help you on this journey. Our rehab in Newport Beach offers a variety of programs and treatment programs to meet your needs.

Types of substance abuse treatment

Substance abuse treatment is not one size fits all. There are multiple styles of treatment for a patient to choose from. Here are a few styles that are standard in the treatment world.

  • Inpatient treatment - the patient lives for a predetermined amount of time at the treatment facility.
  • Outpatient treatment - the patient continues to live at home but commutes to the treatment facility for counseling and other therapeutic plans.
  • Partial hospitalization treatment - partial hospitalization is for patients who complete inpatient treatment but need additional care before returning to their lives full-time. In this style of treatment, patients sleep at home but spend all day at the treatment center receiving care.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment - this is another form of treatment for those who complete an inpatient program, but still, need additional help before rejoining the world full-time. This style of treatment involves a set number of hours each week at the treatment center. Patients can either remain at home or in a sober living house.

The style that works best for an individual depends on the amount of support they have at home and the extent of their addiction.

What to expect in rehab

If you are an active user, the first step for you will be completing a detox. Before you can join any treatment activities, you must be sober. After detox, you then join your treatment program. If a patient needed to detox before starting a program, that person must join an inpatient program.

For those participating in an inpatient program, you will spend a large portion of your time working with trained staff on therapy and other techniques that help you combat addiction. Both group and individual therapy sessions are a large part of one’s day. AA or NA meetings can also occur.

Treating coexisting disorders

It's not uncommon for someone dealing with a substance abuse disorder to suffer from a mental health condition. Using a substance to cope with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues is quite common. Individuals will use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate instead of seeking care. Over time this leads to addiction.

For someone to remain sober, both the drug issue and the mental health issues must receive treatment. Neither issue will improve without a focus on both. Our rehab in Newport Beach offers treatment for both disorders.

How successful is drug treatment?

Rates vary on how many people remain sober after leaving treatment. Some statistics show relapse rates as high as 60%. While this can sound discouraging, those who do not seek treatment have no chance at sobriety.

Contact Akua Mind & Body today to learn more about our treatment options. Our rehab in Newport Beach can help you achieve your goal of sobriety.

Rehab Newport Beach
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