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Millions of people in the United States have a substance addiction. Whether you have an addiction to prescription medications or illicit drugs, the results can be the same. Substance abuse is a serious concern because it can impact all areas of your life, including your relationships, employment, happiness, and more. When you are ready to resolve your situation for good, you need to count on the expertise of an experienced rehab in San Diego. At Akua Mind & Body, we offer detox and rehab programs to guide you safely and effectively through the recovery process.

What is the Detox Process?

Detoxification, simply called detox, is the process the body goes through when you stop taking an addictive substance. The body makes changes to accommodate the presence of a substance. When you take away the substance, the body goes through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. The length of detox and the severity of symptoms depends on many factors such as the type of substance that you take, how long you have been taking the drug, and how much you take on a daily basis. Some of the most common symptoms include nausea and vomiting, head and body aches, hallucinations, tremors, and others.

Rehab in San Diego

Detox is the first step in rehab in San Diego. It is best to go through detox under medical supervision to ensure your health. In some instances, medical detox is available to provide assistance to reduce the symptoms. Once you complete the detox process, your body is rid of the substance, for the most part. However, you still have cravings and need to go through various therapy treatments to recover from substance abuse. At Akua Mind & Body, we offer a wide range of treatment options, and we design each program based on your particular needs.

What Treatments Do You Offer?

At Akua Mind & Body we provide a selection of treatments for rehab in San Diego. Our residential program allows you to remain at our facility so you can concentrate on your recovery throughout the process. We have a team of specialists who understand substance abuse and will guide you through the rehab process. Our facility offers a comfortable and safe place where you can get the support you need at any time of the day or night. Our therapy options will help you identify the origins and triggers of your substance abuse and will give you healthy alternatives to prevent a relapse in the future.

About Akua Mind & Body

At Akua Mind & Body we offer a high level of care for patients going through rehab in San Diego. We offer the best place to focus on treatment so you can learn to live a happy and productive life without the use of drugs. We give you the reliable support system you need and are here to help you every step of the way. We take many types of insurance providers. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and for admission to our facility.

Rehab San Diego
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