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The process of starting a rehab process begins with admission to a facility. Individuals have plenty of questions concerning the entrance process and what items they can carry. Treatment experts will advise which services will benefit the patient as soon as you start the inpatient program. Patients discuss the various locational and how they should begin their admission into any of the facilities.

The admission process into a San Diego drug rehab station

Make the call

Most rehab centers have staff waiting for your phone call at any time of the day or night. The confidential phone call will require the providence of personal details like your name, address, birth date, and employment. The staff will also ask about your history of substance abuse and the changes in your mental health.

You must maintain high transparency without perceiving the exchange as an unnecessary and invasive probe. Our team will determine the best admission process for your case and create a plan that could ultimately save your life.

Ask about the cost and insurance

The cost of rehab is a significant block factor among people who want professional help. Most inpatient centers will charge a couple of thousand dollars for the thirty-day rehab stay. The admission representative will help you determine which services you can pay out of pocket and whether you need an insurance service.

Discuss the option of using your insurance coverage for the rehab service. Some accept a more extensive range of coverages, including Medicaid and Medicare. AKUA accepts most PPO insurance packages and is in constant communication with Blue Cross and Anthem. We can verify your details over the phone to speed up an emergency admission process.

Consider the location

Some individuals prefer to seek rehabilitation refuge in a facility that is close to the home. Others prefer traveling to distant cities or states to gain a completely different perspective on life.

Consider an out-of-state facility if you want anonymity from destructive social ties. A nearby station is perfect for one who wants to take care of the usual business at home while undergoing outpatient treatment.

Make travel plans

The subsequent choice is making travel arrangements for your chosen drug rehab facility. Patients should tie up loose ends at home, such as the care of a child or pet before starting the journey. Plan details such as who will accompany you along the way or who will pick you at the destination before taking off. 


The admission process will include a lengthy medical and mental examination to create a custom treatment plan. It is prudent that you are aware of the expected uncertainty and confusion in the beginning days of your stay. Luckily, our San Diego drug rehab has staff to ease your sessions and make the rehabilitation a manageable experience.

Time lapses between the moment you make your first consultancy call and the moment you begin the screening and admission processes. It is less likely that you will back down because IKUA has a seamless and smooth operation that prioritizes your emotional wellbeing and financial capability. Talk to us today for your specific health concern and enjoy the professionalism of an excellent San Diego drug rehab.

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