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Akua Mind & Body is a premier addiction treatment center in Newport Beach with a fully-equipped facility and the country's best staff team. We use highly effective psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biofeedback, etc. to treat addiction.

Points to consider before choosing a rehab center

There are hundreds of rehab treatment centers across the US to help individuals suffering from addiction. However, it is important to choose the right facility to garner the most out of treatment. An ideal center should support you during the treatment process, encourage you to complete the program, and give you the tools to maintain sobriety in the long term. Here are some pointers to help you pick the best rehab center:

  • Choose a center that specializes in your substance of abuse or co-occurring mental disorder or your unique problem area. Make sure to choose a facility that helps you attain your treatment goals.
  • Make sure to find a center that has the best clinical and non-clinical staff with the most experience.
  • Find out the insurances that each center accepts and talk to your insurance provider about their in and out-of-network rehabs. If you do not have insurance, choose a center that offers financial aids or offers its programs at an affordable price.

Lastly, it is crucial to get a thorough understanding of the treatments and programs offered by each of the rehabs to choose the best facility. At our treatment center in Newport Beach, we use highly effective evidence-based programs to help patients attain complete recovery.

Why can't I get sober?

Patients with a mild addiction or those in the initial stages of drug abuse may try to get sober on their own. But it requires plenty of will power, determination, and resistance to pain, to overcome addiction without the help of rehab. Patients battling with moderate to severe levels of addiction must seek the help of rehab centers, as getting sober on their own can have adverse medical consequences.

Rehab centers start addiction treatment with medical detox, which helps manage the withdrawal symptoms in patients safely. Without detox, any therapy or self-resistance efforts to overcome addiction can turn futile. Only a certified medical practitioner can administer a detox procedure in a hospital-like setting. Following detox, patients undergo a series of therapies, counseling sessions, and support groups to attain long-lasting sobriety.

Characteristics of an efficient addiction treatment Center

An ideal addiction facility should have a fully equipped treatment facility with basic infrastructure and amenities. It should have the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and other non-clinical support staff to assist patients in recovery.

More importantly, it should have the technology to offer the best treatments and therapies to patients such as EMDR, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc. Lastly, a rehab center should offer effective aftercare programs to its recovering addicts even after their treatment to ensure that they hold on to sobriety in the long term.

At our treatment center in Newport Beach, we follow an integrative treatment approach for the mind and body. Call or visit Akua Mind & Body today for admission and pricing details.

Treatment Center Newport Beach
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