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Gender-specific Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction is a very complicated disease, and its effects vary from person to person. Gender plays a critical role in determining the effects addiction will have on an individual. At AKUA, we understand that men and women experience substance abuse differently and so, they require different treatment programs tailored to their specific needs. We have developed gender-specific addiction treatment programs which address the specific needs of our clients and give them a compassionate and secure environment where they can share their experiences and concerns without feeling judged or distracted.

Our unique treatment methods combine the best of East and West, making sure that our clients are treated not only physically but also psychologically. With the help of our team of Master level clinicians, we have developed treatment plans that address the problems unique to the genders and thus help our clients achieve lasting sobriety, regain self-confidence and lead a drug-free life.


Men and Women Experience Addiction Differently

It has been established that men and women experience substance abuse differently and they require different treatment methods to help them overcome their addiction completely. Here are the differences during various stages of addiction:

Developing Addiction: Mostly men and women develop addiction due to similar reasons of change in the chemical processes of their brain. However, the manifestations of addiction are different for men and women. Usually, women’s addiction is associated with violence, sexual abuse, and unwanted pregnancies. While men experience similar situations as well, they are less likely to be affected by them.

Accessing Treatment: Men and women face different barriers when it comes to accessing treatment. Women are considered to be the caregivers, and their association drugs and alcohol are heavily judged by the society. This discourages women from admitting their problem and seeking treatment. Men often face the stigma based on masculinity, which states that men are not supposed to be weak or ask for help. This prevents men from actively seeking treatment when they need it.

In Treatment: The various social stigmas and rules imposed upon men and women make them doubt themselves while seeking treatment. If the treatment program is not gender-specific, then men and women tend to hold up their positions as dictated by the social norms. Men and women need to address different issues, and in a mixed group, this becomes relatively difficult.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have developed gender-specific addiction treatment programs that will address both the gender’s issues separately and help them overcome addiction in a safe and stable environment.

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At AKUA, every participant undergoing treatment program receives comprehensive care right from the beginning. Our highly qualified and dedicated admission counselors make a note of our clients’ requirements so that we can tailor the recovery plans in such a way that all of their unique needs are met. The beautiful sunny weather of California also plays a significant role in creating a rejuvenating and stress-free atmosphere for our clients. At our state of the art facility, we strive to create a warm and happy atmosphere so that clients can focus on their recovery without worrying about anything else. Under the watchful eye of our accomplished team of clinicians and nurses, we make sure that our clients learn to control their urges and regain control of their lives. We combine medication, healthy diet, music therapy, meditation, yoga and much more to make the client’s treatment successful. We have also incorporated several beachside activities to ensure that the treatment procedure is fun and enjoyable. Our complete and individualized treatment plans along with gender-specific care makes us one of the best drug treatment centers in California.

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