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Men’s Residential for Substance Abuse Treatment

AKUA Mind and Body offers residential substance abuse treatment in Costa Mesa for individuals who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder and are in need of 24-hour care. Residential treatment is a higher level of care that provides around the clock monitoring for men who are struggling with an alcohol abuse disorder or a drug abuse disorder who are not able to undergo outpatient treatment because either they do not have a strong support system at home, they are at a very high risk of relapse, or they are unable to stop using. Residential treatment is often gender-specific so men can focus on their current addiction and not be distracted by members of the opposite gender.

Residential treatment near me

Men’s residential treatment at AKUA Mind and Body provides residential treatment centers in Costa Mesa and offers services to all males who reside in the Orange County area. Individuals who are in need of a high level of care substance abuse treatment program are welcome to join AKUA Mind and Body where an integrative treatment team specializing in a combination of western and eastern treatment approaches works to treat the client and not just the disorder.

How long will I stay in residential treatment?

Residential treatment programs typically last 30–90 days, depending on each client’s needs. In some instances, clients will take part in a shorter inpatient treatment program, such as 28-30 days, and then transition into an outpatient care program that lasts for much longer.

How much does residential treatment cost?

Residential treatment for substance abuse in the Orange County area can range from $10,000-$60,000 per month (or about $320-1,930 per day) for full service programs. It is important to note that the cost of a program does not exactly correlate with the quality of that program’s services. Most major insurance plans cover some portion of the cost for residential treatment and scholarships and grants may also be available to help subsidize the cost.


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What happens after residential treatment?

After you successfully complete residential treatment, it is common to enroll in a lower level of care treatment programs such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or regular outpatient in order to maintain your sobriety and to continue to participate in therapy on a regular basis. Residential treatment for substance abuse is just the beginning to fully healing from your disorder and living a sober life.

If you are searching for a substance abuse residential treatment program in your area, please reach out to a treatment specialist at AKUA Mind and Body.

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Insurance Coverage

AKUA Mind and Body understands the financial burdens that addiction and mental health treatment can have on an individual and their family. As a result, AKUA works closely with most HMO, EPO and PPO insurance plans including AmeriHealth, Humana, Allcare Health, Highmark, UPMC Health Plan, and are In-Network with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Health Net, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Magellen, HMC Health Works, Tricare, Western Health Advantage, Prime, Multi Plan, Triwest.

In-Network With

Anthem Insurance
Aetna Insurance
Cigna Insurance
health net
Beacon Health Option
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Magellan Health Services
HMC Health Works
western health advantage
Multiplan Insurance

Most PPO Policies Accepted

Optum Insurance
Humana Insurance
United-healthcare Insurance
Ameri-health Insurance
UPMC Health Plan
Allcare Insurance
Morial Care


The specialists at AKUA Drug treatment Newport Beach believe in treating the individual as a whole, rather than treating the diagnosis. Each client has unique treatment timeline involving a collaborative effort from every member of the treatment team.

Maybe you are a 26-year-old female who is struggling with body dissatisfaction fueled by depression, which has developed into a cocaine addiction. Maybe you are a 45-year-old male working in corporate America, drinking excessively to cope with your anxiety despite your loving family.

No matter who you are and what your story is, AKUA Mind and Body believes in tailoring their treatment program to fit your needs so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from addictive substances and the pain of underlying disorders.

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