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Lani-Women’s Residential Substance use Disorder

AKUA Mind and Body offers residential treatment for women in the Orange County area who are struggling with an alcohol abuse disorder or drug addiction and have successfully completed detoxification. AKUA Mind and Body has residential treatment centers in Costs Mesa and their integrative treatment team provides a combination of eastern and westernized treatment approaches that focuses on the client and not just their disorder. Residential treatment is a high level of care providing around the clock monitoring for clients who are experiencing acute and severe symptoms associated with alcohol or drug abuse. Women who are in need of residential treatment are not able to fully manage their disorder on their own, are at a high risk of relapse, and/or do not have a strong support system at home.

Residential treatment near me

If you are a female living in the Orange County area and you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder, AKUA Mind and Body provides residential treatment for substance abuse disorders in Costa Mesa.

How long will I stay in residential treatment?

AKUA Mind and Body believes in treating the individual and not the disorder and therefore every length of stay is unique to each individual. An average length of stay for women in residential treatment typically last 30–90 days, depending on each client’s needs.

Gender specific therapy in residential treatment

AKUA Mind and Body offers gender specific treatment for clients who are entering residential treatment for their substance abuse disorder. Keeping females and males in separate treatment programs allows each gender to be more comfortable sharing their vulnerabilities in a group setting with their own gender and not having unnecessary distractions that often come in a mixed gender setting. Women in recovery often have underlying triggers specific to their gender such as trauma, pregnancy and relationship hurdles that have lead them to their addiction and therefore entering a female only residential program can allow these female clients to feel more comfortable and to get the most out of their treatment by being around other females.

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How much does residential treatment cost?

Residential treatment for substance abuse in Orange County can range from $10,000-$60,000 per month (or about $320-1,930 per day) for full service programs. AKUA Mind and Body accepts most private insurance plans. Clients should check with their insurance plans to see if their treatment I partially covered.

If you are searching for a substance abuse residential treatment program in your area, please reach out to a treatment specialist at AKUA Mind and Body.

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