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Kristen Torp, MA, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Program Director – KOA Men’s Residential

Kristen is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Practitioner of Clinical Counseling. She received both her BA and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (with an emphasis in MFT) from Azusa Pacific University. Kristen also completed coursework for the Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling at California State University Dominguez Hills and utilizes humanistic and existential models of therapy and an overall holistic approach.

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For many years, drug and alcohol treatment was designed specifically for male clients. At first, this consisted of asylums the substance abuser could resort to that would either help him dry out over a short stay or remain in the institution for an extended period if his problem had progressed enough. Not until Alcoholics Anonymous was founded did treatment become an act of recovery rather than confinement. Since that time researchers have realized that treatment should also be based on gender and culture. This means that many treatment programs are split into men’s and women’s areas. The Men’s Program is dedicated to helping men solve their substance abuse issues in an atmosphere conducive to their gender’s unique needs.

Men’s Residential Program

Residential programs in California are much like those in other places around the United States. In-house treatment programs offer 24/7 focused treatment which allows the individual to become immersed in their recovery. This is accomplished by:

  • Detox which rids the body of the substance;
  • Counseling meant to help the individual build coping mechanisms other than the substance;
  • A milieu made up of peers who have gone through some of the same struggles and offer support to one another.

These elements are necessary and are included in the AKUA treatment programs, but we realize there is more to treatment than just these foundational principles.

The AKUA Philosophy

AKUA has a unique philosophy that separates our programs from those offered by other treatment centers. We are dedicated to the idea of holistic treatment. Recovery from substance abuse is a whole body experience which includes the mind and body which is why we are called AKUA Mind & Body. This holistic approach is designed to ensure the men who complete our program have the tools they need to continue their growth as they recover from addiction.

Program Features

The treatment program is typically 30 days (depending on insurance authorization) and is designed around the client. Men are encouraged during group and individual therapy sessions to talk about individual issues that led to addiction. The holistic approach also includes:

  • Healthy meals that help the individual recoup physically
  • Family therapy which helps clients reconnect
  • Support group participation in AA, NA or SAA
  • Trauma therapy
  • Learning about life skills that can be critical during recovery
  • Acupuncture
  • Muscle therapy
  • Medication management if it is needed
  • Art therapy
  • Healthy exercise including yoga and other life affirming methods of physical growth.

The staff also provides lectures on maintaining health in recovery, how the client can prevent a relapse and instruction in meditation.

Men Only Program

However, one of the primary features of the Men’s Residential Program is that it is a men only program. Why is this of particular note? Men and women have different issues when they enter treatment and they have different issues regarding addiction that they need to sort through. Research has also shown that men are more likely to open up if they have the support of a gender specific program filled with other men who understand what they have been going through.

Although these program features are special and encourage recovery, there are still more reasons to choose AKUA.

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KOA Men’s Residential Program

The men’s residential is situated in Southern California offers pleasant temperatures year-round and many different activities that residents can enjoy. The pictures show waving palm trees, beautifully manicured lawns and beaches…and it’s all true! Newport Beach is a beautiful area and it allows residents to commune with nature on a daily basis as they progress through treatment.

The men who enter this program often have opportunities to go to the beach and take in scenery that accentuates that programs other features. After a revealing counseling session, what is better than to spend a few minutes absorbing the information amid sunshine and beautiful scenery?

Clinical Team Expertise

A treatment program is only as good as the people tasked with the care and wellbeing of its clients. The management staff at AKUA has been able to put together a clinical team that stands second to none. With many years of experience and a purposeful dedication, the staff members at AKUA work together to build the best program for every individual client. Every member of the team is client-focused.

KOA’s diverse team of clinical professionals includes case managers, therapists, registered dietitians, yoga and Reiki instructors, EMDR specialists and more. Our clinical team understands the unique circumstances and difficulties facing clients with addiction and aims to provide top-notch care for every client who walks through our doors.

What AKUA Can Do for You

Taking that first step, choosing a rehab, is difficult. It means that you have lost control and you need someone else’s help to recover from your addiction. The men’s program at AKUA was designed to take that burden off your shoulders and show you that with help you can conquer addiction. It’s time to overcome addiction and lead a healthy life with the amazing team of AKUA.

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