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Women’s Residential, Ralcam Campus

Why is it necessary that drug and alcohol treatment centers offer options for men and women? Are gender differences so stark that treatment has to be separated? The answers to the above questions are that men and women have different treatment and recovery needs, and yes those differences do mean that many clients require separate substance abuse programs. Thus, AKUA has developed a Women’s residential treatment program at their Ralcam Campus in Costa Mesa.

Why Costa Mesa, California?

Many people initially come to California for the sun and the sand, but that is generally not the focus of an addict. Addiction controls every part of life and it often leads to a joyless existence in which the sufferer only escapes life through self-medication. The reality for an addict is the next fix or the next drink. It is difficult to think beyond that.

However, when you do decide that you want that control back and seek a residential program California has a lot to offer. Recovery is not just isolated in counseling sessions, group and AA meetings, there is an environmental element also. Detoxing and starting recovery in a relaxing atmosphere adds another therapeutic component.

But the consistently mild climate adds still another dimension. Costa Mesa offers a range of activities that other locations just can’t. The programs at Akua take a holistic, or mind and body, approach. So it is imperative that the individual is able to participate in group and individual activities that further treatment goals. Being able to visit the beach, walk in the surf and experience the positive aspects of sun-filled days allows clients to embrace the calm and reflection needed during recovery.

What About the Women’s Residential Ralcam Campus?

Originally, addiction, both the causes and the treatment, was thought to be universal. For the most part only men were treated for addiction, but when women did enter a treatment program it was structured like a men’s program. Women were also often thrown into treatment with men. Though some women prefer a coed approach to treatment, many realize that they need a recovery program specifically designed with women in mind.

A Woman’s Unique Addiction Concerns

It is no secret that women and men become addicted for different reasons, experience their addiction in their own way and have issues that are unique to each gender. For example, while family is a major concern for both men and women, they see the issue from different perspectives. Many times, there is more shame for a woman which can make reinvigorating family supports difficult. Women also worry more about their children’s welfare because a woman is often the primary childcare giver. She is also much more likely to have child custody and financial concerns tied to a family relationship. Thus, women need to be in a program designed for their needs.

Other Women

Men and women are very similar in one aspect: both genders experience better treatment outcomes when they in a unisex group. Though there are many reasons for this, the primary cause is comfort. Women are just more comfortable opening up when they are with a group of other women. The same is true for men. Drug and alcohol treatment is a difficult emotional process, so every possible barrier needs to be broken down. A women’s-only treatment facility takes care of one possible barrier.

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The Akua Women’s Program

Akua is unique in that it does not offer a hospital atmosphere or even a small residential house. The experience at Akua is more that of a clinical retreat. Every client is invited into a program designed to reunite the body and the mind. It is a holistic experience that deals with the whole person.

That means upon entering treatment you will likely go through a period of detox to make sure that your body is clean of any substance. This is a medically-monitored process which takes a few days and is completely safe. The purpose is to get you ready for the next stage of recovery.

Detox removes the substance, but the physical and psychological addiction is still a reality. Now the true healing can begin. Women residential Ralcam campus offers:

  • Individual psychotherapy designed specifically for each woman
  • Group trauma therapy that helps you deal with the global issues of recovery while connecting with other residents
  • Medication management as needed for your addiction
  • Nutrition classes and balanced meals
  • Health lectures
  • Fitness coaching in the areas of yoga and meditation
  • Access to self-help groups such as AA, NA and SAA
  • Family programs that help you heal wounds and reconnect with your family.

Other programs include life skills classes and life purpose coaching. All of these programs are designed with healing in mind. The body and the mind were affected by you addiction and they both need specialized care.

Choosing Akua

You have already done the hard part, you have decided that you need addiction treatment. When looking at residential programs California, Akua is a unique option that provides care for the whole person. A relaxing atmosphere, a caring and highly experienced staff, and a program that is proven to heal both the mind and the body. It is drug and alcohol treatment like no other.

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At Akua, every participant receives our East-meets-West treatment program incorporating medication, healthy diet, and relaxation, with music therapy, mediation and yoga. With the help of the best clinical team in California, you will be able to identify underlying problems, successfully overcome addiction, and promote a lifestyle of lasting recovery.

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