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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in Orange County 

Mental health disorders are more common than many people think. However, access to mental health treatment due to barriers such as stigma and cost is often difficult. For example, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in the United States, affecting 40 million adults over 18 years of age or 18.1% of the entire U.S. population each year. Akua is here to improve the numbers with their outpatient facility.

Mental health disorders include mood disorders, specifically depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, trauma disorders including posttraumatic stress disorder, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and personality disorders. Mental health disorders do not discriminate against age, gender, sexual orientation, or social or economic status. However, individuals in the LGBTQ community, non-Caucasian individuals, and individuals living in underprivileged economic communities are more likely to develop a mental health disorder and concurrently less likely to have access to treatment.

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Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety can cause many feelings of stress and despair. They can result in severe impairments in multiple aspects of your life, including your personal life, professional life, and social life. You may find that you isolate yourself from others and no longer have the energy or drive to meet work obligations. You may even experience anger, aggression, self-harm, and the desire to use alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with your internal thoughts and feelings.

Common signs and symptoms associated with mental health disorders include:

  • Loneliness
  • No desire to get out of bed in the morning
  • Hearing voices
  • Paranoia
  • Extreme sadness
  • Dramatic shifts in mood
  • Inability to complete daily tasks
  • Inability to cope with minor stressors
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of interest in previous hobbies and passions
  • Inability to complete work tasks
  • Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep during the night
  • Lack of appetite or using food to cope with negative emotions
  • Inability to concentrate

If you have any of the above signs and symptoms associated with a mental health disorder, you may benefit from professional mental health treatment in Orange County. The earlier you seek treatment, the earlier you can be on the road to your recovery journey and begin to live a happy, fulfilling life. For example, if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or have a plan to commit suicide or harm another individual, you should seek help immediately. AKUA’s outpatient mental health facility in Orange County offers a full spectrum of treatment services that include psychotherapy and medications and holistic therapy approaches. We welcome you with open arms to our mental health treatment center in Orange County.

24/7 Admission Helpline 888-629-6707

Drug Addiction Treatment in Orange County – Outpatient

Substance abuse, commonly referred to as addiction or substance use disorder, is a medical condition characterized by the inability to stop or control the use of drugs, despite the adverse effects on your personal life, professional life, or your physical or mental health. Substance use disorders result in behavioral changes caused by the chemical changes in the brain after continued drug use. Using drugs becomes your primary priority, regardless of the harm you cause yourself or others. You can be at risk of developing a substance use disorder, depending on how much, how quickly, and how often you use the drug. Common drugs of abuse include prescription painkillers (opioids),  cocaine, sleeping pills, psychoactive drugs such as LSD, PCP, and benzodiazepines (nerve pills).

Common signs and symptoms of substance use disorder include:

  • Inability to stop using
  • Cravings and urges to use
  • Physical withdrawal effects when you stop using
  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Disheveled appearance and ignoring person hygiene
  • Unable to fulfill work or school obligations
  • Change in mood
  • Change in sleep habits
  • Financial troubles
  • Legal troubles
  • Isolating yourself from friends and family
  • Neglecting your hobbies and passions
  • Stealing or lying

Depending on the drug of abuse, overdose and withdrawal can both result in death. Therefore you must seek substance abuse treatment in Orange County if you are experiencing any of the above signs or symptoms. For example, withdrawing from alcohol or benzodiazepines can be lethal and opioid overdose is also lethal.

Overdose and withdrawal are not the only life-threatening consequences of substance abuse. Regardless of whether it is cocaine, benzodiazepines, or opioids, substance use disorders can wreak havoc on many aspects of your life. Addiction can break up families, destroy relationships, and ruin your career, especially if there are legal consequences. Substance abuse treatment in Orange County can help individuals work through their addiction and any underlying co-occurring mental health disorders. In addition, substance abuse treatment in Orange County can help you enter your recovery journey by providing you with healthy coping tools, medications, and psychotherapy approaches to curb your cravings and urges to use drugs.

AKUA Mind and Body is a full-service addiction and mental health treatment center offering outpatient drug abuse treatment in Orange County. We offer our services in a comfortable and safe treatment setting in an urban county that is surrounded by sweeping coastal views, nature trails, and plenty of entertainment venues, including restaurants, outdoor shopping malls, and comedy clubs. Drug rehab centers in Orange County offer group, family, and individual therapy sessions while we use evidence-based therapeutic approaches, often combined with medications.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Alcohol abuse can be difficult to pinpoint because it can be easier to hide than drugs since alcohol is a legal substance that is purchased at the supermarket. Alcohol use disorder can be highly damaging to your personal life and professional life. The signs and symptoms cannot be hidden forever, especially if you are experiencing hangovers and more moderate withdrawals. For many individuals, a couple of drinks to unwind, celebrate a special occasion, or enjoy with friends can be okay; however, when drinking becomes excessive and alcohol is used for boredom, to cope with challenges or avoid withdrawals. The individual most likely has an alcohol use disorder. Many individuals with alcohol use disorder will use alcohol as a crutch, a crutch to deal with social situations, and alcohol in this scenario is often referred to as “social lubricant”. Individuals with alcohol use disorder may also use alcohol as a crutch to deal with stress or daily hardships. Instead of facing these problems head-on, with integrity, alcohol is often a way to push the problems under the rug.

Common signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder:

  • Drinking alone or in secret
  • Needing a drink in the morning to curb the hangover
  • Experiencing frequent hangovers
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Drinking on the job
  • Blacking out
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Gastric reflux
  • Memory impairment
  • Shaky hands

Alcohol abuse disorder can result in many serious acute and chronic medical conditions, and alcohol withdrawal can be deadly, and therefore individuals should not quit alcohol cold turkey, that’s when outpatient comes in to rescue. Instead, seek help for your alcohol use disorder in a medically supervised setting, where you can be monitored for signs of withdrawal and can be given medications to help curb the withdrawals and urges. AKUA Mind and Body offers alcohol abuse treatment in Orange County for adult men and women struggling with an alcohol use disorder. The outpatient alcohol detox program in Orange County provides medical detoxification as the initial step in treatment, followed by long-term psychotherapy to help the individual understand the triggers associated with their addiction. An essential goal of psychotherapy is to teach the individual healthy coping mechanisms to help overcome future stressors instead of using alcohol to cope. Alcohol use disorder is a disease of loneliness, as it impairs your ability to socialize with others and form healthy relationships. As a result, individuals with alcohol use disorder usually alienate themselves from family and friends and turn to alcohol to cope with their feelings. One of the critical components to alcohol abuse treatment in Orange County is that it takes place in group settings to restore the social skills that are ripped away during this addiction cycle. Group therapy and group discussion allow individuals to come together and learn to engage in healthy community support by communicating, trusting, and listening to each other.

All of our treatment facilities at AKUA Mind and Body, including Orange County, are state-of-the-art, and our treatment team is professional, empathetic, knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. Our treatment team at AKUA Mind and Body believes in treating the individual and not just the disorder from intake to discharge. We offer evidence-based therapy methods, including multiple types of psychotherapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, trauma therapy, and more, in addition to medications and medical detox. We also offer alternative approaches such as equine therapy, yoga, meditation, and other Eastern medicine approaches that complement Western medicine. AKUA Mind and Body accepts most private insurances. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to check with your insurance provider before your admission to our Orange County Treatment Center

24/7 Admission Helpline 888-629-6707

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