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Get up close and personal with AKUA Mind & Body!

Overcoming addiction is a difficult and strenuous phase of one’s life. To make the journey to sobriety as smooth as possible, AKUA Mind & Body has developed holistic treatment methods that combine the time tested traditions of East with the scientific approach of West. At AKUA, we believe in research based approach that gives us proven results. We also promote knowledge sharing and gaining new experiences through our various events and activities.


Awareness about addiction and the various effects it has on one’s physical and mental health, financial condition and family relations is of utmost importance. To promote this awareness, AKUA conducts a weekly session through Facebook Live every Wednesday, where a different member from the clinical team addresses crucial issues of mental health, self-control and talks about addiction in depth. During these sessions, our clinicians also answer the questions of the viewers. We also conduct alumni meets and several other activities that promote healing through community service, sober fun activities and much more.

Stay tuned and updated about our events and activities to learn more about AKUA and our unique and effective treatment methods.


Fun Outing at Beach

At AKUA Mind & Body, we take full advantage of the beautiful beachside location and take our alumni out for sober fun activities so that they can feel relaxed. Akua is more than just rehabilitation center; it is a retreat where our clients can recover from addiction as well as rejuvenate. During this beachside fun day, we indulged in volleyball, picnic, bonfire and much more.

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Bowling Alley Fun

Our aim at AKUA Mind & Body is to create an environment of healing and transformation so our clients can receive an integrated and rejuvenating recovery. Several fun activities and outings also act as a major part of the healing process. The outreach event included a fantastic evening of bowling and different fun activities with our alumni.

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