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Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program is the second phase of addiction treatment. Once the toxic substances have been removed from one’s body after detox program, residential treatment is started. Here, the individuals are under 24×7 care and supervision of our skilled clinical team. At AKUA, residential treatment center we focus on lasting sobriety and mindfulness-based relapse prevention. Our unique inpatient substance abuse treatment combines the time-tested Eastern techniques such as yoga, acupuncture and more with the Western scientific approach to medication management, physical exercise, etc. AKUA provides comprehensive and individualized treatment plans to ensure complete recovery and relapse prevention.


At AKUA Mind & Body, we understand that men and women experience substance abuse differently and to make sure that their needs and not compromised, we have developed gender-specific treatment programs for men and women. Our gender-specific recovery programs help men and women focus on their separate issues without any distraction or fear of judgment. The beautiful location of California also has a calming effect on our clients. We encourage outdoor sports and other activities to help our clients relax during their treatment. We also encourage family participation so that they can understand the process and support their loved ones through the recovery phase.

Why Choose AKUA’s Residential Treatment Center?

At AKUA, every participant undergoing residential treatment program receives comprehensive care right from the beginning. Our highly-qualified and dedicated admission counselors make a note of our clients’ requirements so that we can tailor the recovery plans in such a way that all of their unique needs are met. Recovery can be painful for individuals addicted to certain drugs such as methadone, heroin, etc. Under the watchful eye of our accomplished team of clinicians and nurses, we make sure that our clients learn to control their urges and regain control of their lives. We combine medication, healthy diet, music therapy, meditation, yoga and much more to make the client’s treatment successful. We have also incorporated several beachside activities to ensure that the treatment procedure is fun and enjoyable.

Once a client has completed their residential treatment, they attend our Intensive Outpatient Program. Here they can maintain their sobriety while returning to their responsibilities and old environment. For us, the health and well-being of our clients both on the physical and psychological front are of utmost importance. Our complete and individualized treatment plans along with gender-specific care. Our comprehensive residential treatment centers in California are gender-specific and include holistic and evidence-based therapies for mental illness, substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions.

Key features:

  • Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Group Trauma Therapy
  • Relationships Counseling
  • Personal Nutritionist and Meal Plans
  • Music Therapy (Harp)
  • Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Gender Specific Health Lectures

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Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Ameri-health Insurance
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Koa Men’s Residential Treatment Center
Koa Men’s Residential

Our men’s residential program (Koa) focuses on the specific problems that are unique to men in a supportive environment. The expectations and stereotypical bindings of society often have a destructive effect on their personality and may even force them towards alcohol or drugs. At Koa, our clients receive intense personalized care that helps them focus on recovery and take care of their physical health.

Lani Women’s Residential Treatment Center
Lani Women’s Residential

Our women’s residential program (Lani) focuses on the sensitive nature of women’s recovery and helps them share their experiences in a same-sex, supportive, and compassionate environment. Through gender neutral trust and unique treatment methods, we help our clients focus on their recovery and build a solid foundation for sobriety.