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Support Groups for Families

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Having a loved one living with Mental Illness and/or an Addiction Disorder can be difficult. Fortunately, Akua provides many support groups that are available for friends and family members of those struggling or recovery from a Mental Health and/or Substance Use Disorder.


  • Offered Monday through Thursday, 5:30- 6:30 pm PST.
  • Free of cost to participants.
  • Designed for loved ones of people with mental health and/or substance use conditions.
  • Helps gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar experiences.
  • Meets multiple days weekly.
  • Confidential.

Addition/Mental Health Family Support Groups

One of the toughest problems faced by families today is learning that their loved one, has an addiction or mental illness. It is normal for family members to feel crushed, hopeless, frightened, and overwhelmed by the problem.

So, how does one cope? By learning warning signs, physical & behavioral signs, and symptoms of the addiction/mental health disorder. Also, by interacting with other family member and/or sharing your own story or concerns, one gains support and learns that are not alone in their journey.

Support Group for Military/Military Spouses

This Support Group is here to provide all military spouses and family members a comfortable and positive environment. This is a place for you to gain resources, vent, support others and celebrate our lives as military spouses, family, and friends.

We also discuss Akua’s services such as our detox programs, aftercare alumni programs and our in-network insurance partners such as TriCare and TriWest. 

Pride Room

This is an LGBTQ Support Group providing the LGBT community including men, women, youth, seniors, transgender and non-binary individuals and their families and loved ones, support to achieve health and wellness. 

Indigenous Culture Support Group

This group is established to help understand the utilization of traditional healings along with modern therapies for the members of our native community. Our support group discusses cultural competency, individualized treatment, knowledge, and awareness of generational trauma addressed with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. 

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