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Aloha: Women’s Detox Programs

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Aloha: Women’s Detox Program

Substance abuse usually takes a heavier toll on women as compared to men making it important for women to start their journey to recovery in an environment where they can feel safe. Aloha’s integrative women’s detox program provides an environment of trust and enables proper physical and mental cleansing to strengthen and repair the damage that has been caused by drugs and alcohol. With the help of the Best Clinical Team in California, we have developed treatment programs that encourage women to explore the underlying issues and traumas that led to their addiction. Our individual counseling helps our clients uncover the root cause of their pain which helps them recover successfully.We utilize a therapeutic approach to include not only the conventional one-to-one trauma focused behavioral therapy treatment, but also additional forms of treatment that allow women to safely explore and address their personal issues. The gender-specific atmosphere encourages our clients to speak honestly and openly in ways that the presence of men might inhibit.


Need for Gender-Specific Program

At Akua, we understand women are more likely to have difficulty in seeking or following through treatment due to several factors. Moreover, women mostly report feelings of shame or embarrassment because they are in substance abuse treatment. This makes women’s detox treatment much more necessary. At Aloha, we specialize in understanding the sensitive nature of women’s recovery needs. As a result, our clients remain focused on recovery and share their experience and worries without facing the fear of judgment. Men and women experience addiction differently, therefore it is important to have gender-specific (women only) detox programs.

  • When women develop substance abuse problems, they report problems of greater severity and experience more health-related consequences
  • Women’s problems related to substance abuse interfere with functioning in more areas of life
  • Women develop alcohol-related health problems easily
  • In most cases, women loose control of their drink more quickly
  • Women face a greater social stigma and problems

Insurance We Accept

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Akua’s Role in Recovery

At Aloha, our goal is to provide clients the highest quality of care which helps them to safely attain sobriety through our detoxification program. Our gender-specific approach helps to unburden their worries and address their personal issues without facing judgment. The all-women atmosphere garners a sense of security and helps women heal both physically and mentally. Key features of the treatment program developed by our clinical team include the following:

  • Stabilization
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Psychiatrist assessment
  • Trauma therapy
  • Gender specific environment
  • Music therapy
  • Brain healthy meals
  • Comfortable living space
  • Case management
  • Aftercare planning