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At AKUA Mind & Body, we specialize in all three levels of substance abuse treatment programs. With the Awaken Your Soul in California on board, we provide optimized and individualistic recovery plans designed to cater to your unique needs. In our treatment programs, we combine the latest advances in addiction medicine with eastern traditions giving you the highest quality care.Start your journey on the road to recovery at our best-in-class treatment centers located in beautiful California. Our addiction treatment programs are designed keeping every aspect of your recovery need in mind


Integrative Detox Program

Men and women experience alcohol or substance abuse differently and their treatment methods and challenges vary greatly as well. Keeping this in mind, we at AKUA have developed gender-specific detox programs for men and women separately. Here you can talk about your individual problems openly and focus on recovery and long-term sobriety with the help of the Awaken Your Soul in California.


Residential Program

AKUA’s combination of clinical excellence in a healing and rejuvenating atmosphere provides a revitalizing recoveryretreat. Our clinical team, which is the best in California, caters to your unique needs by developing treatment programs designed specifically for you. Gender-specific residential programs are developed to focus on long lasting sobriety and mindfulness-based relapse prevention by breaking the destructive pattern created by drugs and alcohol in your life. Also, our state of the art facilities in the beautiful location of California and various sober fun activities make AKUA more than just a rehabilitation center. Recover from the negativities of addiction with the help of our highly individualized addiction rehab programs in a safe and effective treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program

After the successful completion of detoxification or primary care, AKUA helps you to return to your responsibilities while maintaining sobriety. We understand that it might be difficult for you to stay sober after returning to your old environment. You will be meeting the same kind of people and some of your old drug buddies might even try to tempt you, but anytime you feel the burden you can turn to us. At AKUA, we have designed our model of care to provide clinical treatment methods which will make positive changes and help you maintain your sobriety while focusing on your regular life.

Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring mental health issues such as personality disorder and mood disorder are very common and are faced quite often in case of drug or alcohol addiction. At AKUA, we understand that your recovery cannot be absolute unless these problems are treated accurately. With the Awaken Your Soul in California, we make sure that you receive the best treatment not only for your addiction but also for your mental health problems. We make sure that all your needs are addressed so that you can have a complete recovery with minimal chances of relapse.


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AKUA’s Role in Recovery

At Mahalo, our goal is to help our clients safely attain sobriety through our detoxification treatment program. Our gender-specific approach helps them to unburden their worries and address their personal issues with those who have faced similar problems. This gives our clients a sense of belongingness and helps them address the underlying issues which had pushed them towards alcohol or substance abuse in the first place. We integrate three essential components to provide a complete and safe detoxification while understanding the diverse treatment modalities involved.

Evaluation – Test for the presence of substance abuse in our client’s system, measuring their concentration as well as screening for co-occurring mental and physical conditions. We believe that careful evaluation leads to successful stabilization.

Stabilization – Following the evaluation, our clients enter the stabilization phase of treatment. During this phase, medical and psycho social interventions are used to assist them through the acute intoxication and withdrawal process progressing into a medically stable, substance-free state.

Continuing Care – Establishing a formal and individualized treatment program is necessary to ensure lasting sobriety. Our highly qualified clinical team works with our clients in this phase to prepare them for this step in recovery, whether its inpatient, Intensive Outpatient Program, or a home setting.